The Rockingham Vipers are an American Football Club that represents the southern most districts in Gridiron West. We are based in the heart of Rockingham and take pride in being a local contributor to the sporting Community.

We are also the most successful sports club in Rockingham since our team creation in 1996, which includes both social media and on field achievements.

  • The senior side has won 11 Gridiron West Championships in 22 years with the last in season 2019/21 where we dominated all.

  •  Our juniors side 7 championships in 15 years.

  • In 2018 we also have entered a Woman’s side to compete in the all new Woman’s comp.

The club was created in 1996 by the merger of the Gridiron-West Rockingham Dolphins and now defunct league WAGLs Kwinana Seahawks. A big factor in the merger was the newly formed friendship of Viper president Jason Gastarov and Seahawks president Phil Mullin 2 life members at the club.